Interactive NewTech Retailershops Network

Advanced Digital Communications Associates as a partner-group of companies will create, build and operate the 1st pan-European independent corporate/entrepreneurial Network for multimedia retailer-shops in new information & communications technology products and services for the emerging European multilingual Information Society; all shops intranet-connected via a Worldwide Web Portal and/or a Satellite Astra/Eutelsat platform.

Corporate company structure will have its presence in the Isle of Man, as International offshore LLC, in Luxembourg as Holding (SOPARFI) S.A., in Geneva as a non-profit Association and in Barcelona, Catalonia, as Corporate Operating Centre.

Its founders are entrepreneurs in the ICT/CE sector with long years professional worldwide experience. They are founding ADCA to implement and carry on with the ADCAnet project.
  The Corporate Website will be the virtual business card, as well as its online “Virtual Corporate Headquarters”.

As a structured company group, the website is the most active part of all corporate e-business processes, integrating Intranet and Extranet solutions, eCRM and Semantic Web applications, acting as a central multi-lingual licence-partner-information hub and e-marketing platform.
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