Interactive NewTech Retailershops Network
Technical Concept

Interactive video-powered ADCAnet partnershops
- Convergence of virtual & physical shopping -

Internet (Web portal) and/or Satellite interconnection via plasma wide-screen display panel installed with Webcam in each partner-shop and simultaneously connected with the virtual partner-shop WebPages of Web portal - shopping arcade.

Convergence of virtual & physical shopping
ADCAnet platform Applications & Services


• B2B2C
• Internet/Intranet/Extranet with Voice-Data-Video-Audio Integration
Web Call Icon “call me now”
• Email - Voice Mail - VoIP Telephony
• Video Conferencing over IP - IP based PBX – Video Soft-phone
• WiFi Access-Point and Gateway-Server installed in each
ADCAnet partnershop
• Web Call Center technology with Web Call Server providing ACD and
IVR mayor functions.
• IP based Unified Messaging

In-store Business TV/Point-of-sale Plasma Displays
Video-based Product Presentations and Sales Training

Corporate Marketing & Publicity
Special Product Sourcing & OEM Manufacturing

Smart Card Electronic Purse schemes (CRM support)
(e.g. eEurope Smart Cards Initiative)

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