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Following the business philosophy:


Establishing a high performance Internet and satellite based independent corporate/entrepreneurial Network for multimedia retailershops, specialised in digital Information & Communications Technology products and services under the business model of corner-franchise licence partnership with participation in the stock capital of Luxembourg based holding company.

• The Network includes a fixed total of 10'000 licence partner shops all over Europe (18 countries)
• The upper 10'000 of specialised ICT/CE multimedia retailer shops in EUROPE!!
• All ADCAnet partner shops with ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standard Certification and eQuality Shopping EURO-label.
Vision & Mission

The "GoDigital" technological challenge of the emerging European Multilingual Information Society in a single market environment can only lead to success if the marketing and sales of ICT products and services are made by professionally qualified retailershops who integrate their business into a strong and powerful corporate/entrepreneurial Network.

ADCA-net partnership new concept is the way how professional retailers can adapt their business to the new environment of Internet and Electronic Commerce, by interacting the traditional "brick-and-mortar" shop location with that of the virtual presence in the multilingual web-portal/eBusiness platform.

This partnership concept could certainly contribute in a realistic way to achieve the goal of the eEUROPE Lisbon Initiative by the private sector.
Corporate Structure Summary

ADCA - Advanced Digital Communications Associates (I.o.M) LLC

• International offshore LLC, that will be established in October/November 2004, as a first stage, in the Isle of Man, by the ADCAnet project-founding members. The company will be the corporate e-commerce B2B platform, especially for ADCA Country-Master licence partners.

The Isle of Man as an offshore financial centre is unique in that it can offer effective taxation planning and advantages for VAT Registration and VAT "Triangulation" within the EU.

2) ADCA - Advanced Digital Communications Associates S.A.

• Luxembourg based Société anonyme Holding Company or Société de participation financière (SOPARFI)

Establishing ADCA in Luxembourg is a "must" considering the importance of Luxembourg as a financial centre with the presence of strategic EU institutions regarding Multilingual Information Society.

3) "Digital One Europa" - ADCA - ASSOCIATION

• Geneva-based international not-for-profit, non-commercial association formed in accordance with the Swiss law. Members: all 10'000 licence partner-shops and Master Licence Partners.

The presence of International Institutions in Radio/Satellite/Telecommunications Technology regulation & standardization, place of birth of the Worldwide Web, its renowned financial marketplace, is an additional "must" to establish a "pied-à-terre" in Geneva to meet the ADCAnet context.

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